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History and Significance of Sri Sangameswarar Temple, Kottaimedu, Coimbatore 

A demon performed severe penance on Lord Shiva and attained powerful boons that he could not be killed by any.. Aiming to rule the Deva Loka (celestial world), he began to harass them and the sages. When they approached Indira for safety, he told them that Lord Shiva alone could save them. They came to this place which was full of Sangu pushpam flower plants and prayed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva killed the demon. The lines of Brahmma Sutra are written on the head of the Shivalinga. Hence prayer to Him will save people from adverse destinies and even bring back life of the younger people facing their end. Lord Muruga graces the devotees in the form of Somaskanda killing the demon Surapanma. He is on his peacock vehicle as Lord Subramanya facing north, holding different weapons on His 12 hands. The structure of the temple is such that Lord Subramanya appears as the presiding deity. The shrine of Mother Akhilandeswari is on the left of the presiding deity. Sri Anjaneya graces in a pillar facing west.

History of Sri Sangameswarar Temple, Kottaimedu, Coimbatore

Chola king Karikala was harbouring the grief of not having heir to succeed him to the throne. He had a dream on a day about the miracles Lord Shiva in various places. He spoke to his Guru and scholars about the dream he had and believed that it could also grant him a child boon. As advised by them, he built 36 Shiva temples. This is the 31s t temple built by Karikala.

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