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History and Significance of Sri Rudra Koteeswarar Temple, Chaturvedimangalam 

This is the place where princes Lava and Kusha (Lord Rama’s sons) performed the Aswametha Yajna. The place qualifies the five aspects of Murthy, Sthala reputation, Theertham, Sacred Tree and Sacred Bird. Ten million Rudras worshipped Lord Shiva here, hence prayer in this temple ensures total salvation to the devotee from the cycle of births and deaths. Lord Sarabeswarar graces from a separate shrine, whom devotees pray for noble successive generations and removal of hardships in families. Nandhi is big in size. Navagrahas are in sitting form.During the months of Aavani (August-September) and Masi (February-March) the rays of Sun fall on the Lord for a week. The place was originally offered as Dhan (donation) to Scholars of Four Vedas – Chatur Vedas, hence called Chatuvedi Mangalam

History of Sri Rudra Koteeswarar Temple, Chaturvedimangalam

During a debate between sage Durvasa and Lord Brahmma on the procedures of a yajna, the former cursed the latter. For relief from the curse, Lord Brahmma travelled through many places on earth to worship Lord Shiva. He met Sage Angirasa. As suggested by the sage, Lord Brahmma installed a Shiva Linga in this place and got relieved from the curse. He also married Mother Saraswathi, Goddess of Wisdom with Lord Shiva as witness. 10 million Rudras (one crore) attended this function and worshipped Lord Shiva here. They also assist Brahmma in His creation job. They worshipped Lord with all abishek. As Lord Shiva was worshipped by one crore Rudras, He is praised as Rudrakoteeswarar.

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