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History and Significance of Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple, Amirthapuri  

Traditionally, Hindus begin any proposal only after Lord Vinayaka worship to avoid obstacles. He is the authority to stop any interruptions in human efforts, if prayed first. As head of the planets, He has Sun on His forehead, Moon in the belly, Mars the lord of immovable properties on His right thigh, Mercury in His right lower hand, Jupiter on His head, Venus in His left lower hand, Blessing Saturn (Pongu Sani)on the crow facing south in His upper right hand, Rahu on the upper left hand and Ketu at His left leg. As a rule in temples, Lord Yoga Narsimha is shown behind Chakkarathazhwar shrine. Here, as a token of Saivite and Vaishnavite harmony, Lord Yoga Narasimha is at the back of Lord Vinayaka. To emphasize that essence of Yoga is conquering the five vices – Kama the family pleasures, Krotha the anger, Greed, attachments with worldly pleasures and pride and arrogance, Lord Yoga Narasimha is in a standing posture on the five headed serpent. Sri Anjaneya appears very gracefully with Sanjeevi herbal mount on His right hand to cure diseases, a club on the left hand to protect the devotee from enemies, a bell on His tail announcing victory and His leg forward to respond the call of the devotee. Sri Garuda Bhagwan appears holding the Nectar Post on His right upper hand, serpent Vasuki on His left upper hand and holding the Vedas in His lower hands worshipping them. Nava Nagas-nine serpents are around Him. He protects His devotees of adverse effects of serpent planets and more particularly from Kalasarpa doshas. Devotees perform abishek to Him with milk. They can notice the colour of abishek milk changing to blue while flowing through Vasuki in His hand.

History of Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple, Amirthapuri

Lord Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal along with Lord Navagraha Vinayaka, Lord Yoga Narasimba at His back, Garuda Bhagwan, Sri Anjaneya blesses the devotees ensuring all prosperity, health and noble traits to His devotees.

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