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History and Significance of Sri Pillaivayal Kaliamman Temple, Paiyur Pillaivayal 

God and Goddess always put devotees to some test to assess their faith and it is for the devotee to pass the examination. It is said that Pillaivayal Kaliamman too tested the faith of the people during the Muslim invasions in the past. Now the temple requires proper maintenance and many believe that this is also a test for them. The Andhra Parasakthi appears to be waiting for some one to take care of the temple.

History of Sri Pillaivayal Kaliamman Temple, Paiyur Pillaivayal

Five hundred years ago, people of Paiyur village prayed to Goddess Kaliamman to save them from the troubles they were in then. The Goddess responded to their prayers born of their thoughts. People installed the deity in Singarathoppu canal area. They hid her in a well during the Muslim invasion. She was found while desilting the canal. She is now their deity taking care of their well being.

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