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History and Significance of Sri Padaleswarar Temple, Aridwaramangalam 

The pit dug by Lord Vishnu to find the feet of Lord Shiva still exists in the sanctum sanctorum, covered by a stone. According to one story, Lord Shiva broke the horn of a swine and wore it in His chest. This is one of the Pancha Aranya (five jungles) shrines of Lord Shiva. Tirukarugavur is the Ushat Kala or wee hours, Avalivanallur Kalasandhi or morning, Haridwara Mangalam is the Uchikala or midday, Alangudi is Sayaratchai or twilight and Haridwaramangalam is the Arthajama or night. It is the staunch belief of the devotees that worshipping these temples simultaneously would reward the devotee of his worship in Haridwar in north. Lord Padala Easwara relieves His devotees from debt burdens. As Mother Alankaravalli has the attributes of Mother Durga, there is no separate shrine for Mother Durga. Mother relieves Her devotees from all evil aspects. The very appearance of Mother facing east is praised as Kalyanakolam or Wedding Form. Lord Dakshinamurthi has a special significance in the temple. The consecration of the temple was celebrated in 2006 after 410 years. The most significant feature of the temple is the seven Vinayakas gracing the devotees.

History of Sri Padaleswarar Temple, Aridwaramangalam

A contest arose between Lord Brahmma and Vishnu to establish their superiority over the other. It was agreed that the one finding first the feet and/or head of Lord Shiva would be the winner. Brahmma rode on His Swan vahan towards the head of the Lord Shiva but could not. Incidentally, the Thazhampoo (a flower) was falling down from the head of Lord Shiva. Lord Brahmma asked the flower to say that He found and worshipped the head of Shiva. The flower too agreed to the false deal. Lord Shiva condemned the false deal of both and disqualified Thazhampoo for use in Puajas and that there would be no temple on Earth for Brahmma. Lord Vishnu took the form of a swine, dug the earth to reach the feet of Shiva but failed. Lord Vishnu honestly admitted His defeat. Thus the place was named Hari – Vishnu, dwara-making pit, Mangalam-auspicious place – Haridwaramangalam.

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