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History and Significance of Sri Othandeswarar Temple, Thirumazhisai 

There is a scar on the head of Shiva Linga caused by a cut. Lord and Mother grace together from behind the Linga in the sanctum sanctorum facing east. Devotees firmly believe that worshipping them together would release them from all the sins and ensure total salvation. Lord Othandeswarar is also praised as Mano Anukula Easwarar as He blesses the devotees with mental strength.

History of Sri Othandeswarar Temple, Thirumazhisai

Chola king Karikal Peruvalathan was proceeding on his elephant to worship Shiva in another place. On the way, one leg of the elephant was caught in a creeper. Despite efforts, it could not pull out from the bush. The king tried his hands to remove the bush but could not. He began cutting the bush with his sword which began to bleed. Shocked king, found a Shiva Linga hidden under the bushes. Realizing that he had offended the Lord, he unhesitatingly cut his hand with the same sword when Lord appeared before him with Mother on His Nandi and fixed the hand as before. Remembering the event, Lord is praised as Kai Thandha Piran – Lord who gave hands. Lord consoled the king. Mother narrated to king the stories of Shiva devotees and cooled his mind. Kulirvithal in Tamil in this context means cooling the sorrows of devotees, hence, she is praised as Kulirvitha Nayaki.

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