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History and Significance of Sri Ooraga Perumal Temple, Kundrathur 

Lord Perumal in His standing form blesses the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum. Those facing adverse effects of the planets and serpent aspects pray in the temple on the respective planet days offering vastras to Lord and Mother. Kancheepuram is west of this place so that it may see this temple face to face. That was the plan of the king. Mother Thiruvirundavalli shrine is facing east. Vaikunda Ekadasi is celebrated in December-January for a day only when Lord will pass through the Sorgavasal. Perumal grants darshan to devotees on Garuda Vahan on the 4th Saturday of Purattasi month-September-October. Lord-Mother wedding festival is celebrated on the Rohini star day in Panguni-March-April.

History of Sri Ooraga Perumal Temple, Kundrathur

King Kulothunga had a spell. He could not get cured though he visited many temples. Lord Vishnu appeared in his dream as an aged man and asked him to visit Kancheepuram where He was as Thiru Ooraga Perumal. The king came to this place but found Perumal on the divine serpent Adisesha in His reclining form. He had a doubt whether he came to the right place. He stayed for a night there. Lord again appeared in his dream and said that He was in the place as Ooraga Perumal on Adisesha. The king was happy, worshipped Perumal and got relieved of the spell. As a mark of his gratitude to Lord, he built the temple here. During the construction, Perumal granted darshan to the king as Tirupati Venkatachalapathy. The idol therefore is a replica of Tirupati Perumal in a standing form. Lord was named Thiru Ooraga Perumal.

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