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History and Significance of Sri Nallandavar Temple, Manaparai 

Elephant is the vehicle of Lord Nallandavar with Puli Karupanasami as guardian deity with horse as his vehicle.

History of Sri Nallandavar Temple, Manaparai

The place where Lord Sri Rama killed the magic deer (Poonduthal or Saithal in Tamil means killing) came to be known as Maan (deer) Poondi. Later, it changed as Mamundi according the history of the place. There is also the story linking the place with a king named Mamundi Vallal who was both a powerful warrior and generously charitable. He also had some super powers. As he protected the people from robbers and gave good governance, the place is named after him as Mamundi. While the Saptha Kannikas, Brahmi, Maheswari, Goumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Indirani and Chamundi were bathing in the tank in the northern side of the place, some rowdies came there and harassed them. They cried for help. King Mamundi rushed immediately and drove them away and protected the Kannikas. Thanking Mamundi for his prompt and timely help, they said that as their elder brother, he would be respected by as Nallannan, Nallandavar, Nalliah and Mamundi.

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