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History and Significance of Sri Muthu Mari Amman Temple, Narthamalai 

Narthamalai is surrounded by other hills, Melamalai, Kottai Malai, Parayar Malai, Uvakkan Malai, Aalurutti Malai, Pommadi Malai, Mann Malai and Pon Malai, thus in the shape of Onkara. Every hill has a story behind it. These hills are believed to be the bits that fell here of the Sanjeevi mount carried by Sri Hanuman to save the lives of those dead during the Rama-Ravana war. These are hills with a wealth of herbal plants.

History of Sri Muthu Mari Amman Temple, Narthamalai

The Amman idol in the temple is believed to have been found at a place named Keelkurichi 4 miles far from Narthamalai in a field and brought here by a priest in the place. A small temple was built then. Later, one Malayammal from the Tiruvannamalai Zameen extended this temple with her own funds and celebrated festivals which are continued now.

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