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History and Significance of Sri Muthala Parameswari Temple, Paramakudi 

The temple is situated on the southern bank of River Vaigai. Mother Muthala Parameswari Amman appears soft and merciful on a lotus shaped peeta holding in Her four hands Trident, Kabala the skull, Katka and damaruka. Her Lion vehicle is before Her. Devotees pray to Ambica for excellence in education, scholarship in research activities performing abishek and offering sweet pudding nivedhana. Special pujas are performed on Fridays. Panguni Brahmmotsava in March-April is grandly celebrated. In order to cool down the fury of the Goddess, a festival called Poochoridhal-raining baskets of flowers is devotionally performed in the temple. Different varieties of flowers are used to cover the Goddess excepting the face. There is a Shiva temple also nearby. Lord appeared here to bless a devotee. The place is named Paramakudi – Paraman Kudikonda Oor-meaning God dwelling here.

History of Sri Muthala Parameswari Temple, Paramakudi

A Chola king ruling this region then announced a strange contest. The contest was that the participant should make out a chain with pearls having small holes but without touching the pearls. All lost the game. A young daughter of a trader offered to accept the condition. She arranged the pearls in line and placed the thread coated with sugar. The ants sensing the sugar smell moved on the thread through the holes of the pearls. The girl promptly drew the thread carefully and completed the job. The king appreciated the girl, offered gifts and wanted her to marry him. When the girl refused, the king forced her to accept him.The frustrated woman resorted to self-immolation and ended herself. A temple was built in praise of Her divinity with sand brought from the place of her self-immolation. As she made a chain with pearls-Muthu in Tamil, she was named Muthala Parameswari.

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