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History and Significance of Sri Mullaivana Nathar Temple, Thirukarukavur 

Presiding deity Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthi in the form of an anthill. As no abishek could be performed with liquid items, only a punugu paste (a cosmetic paste) is offered – punugu chattam in Tamil. The place was earlier dense with Mullai plants – belonging to jasmine family – from where the Shivalinga was founds. As the plants were covering the Linga, those scars are still visible on the Linga. Since days of yore, the place is considered a place of safety for pregnant women. Lord and Mother protect these women from any problem such as abortion etc. and ensure safe delivery of the child. It is noteworthy that presiding Lord, Nandhi and Lord Vinayaka are swayambumurthis in the temple. As Lord Muruga – Somaskanda – is in between Lord and Mother, people pray to him for child boon. In the Navagraha shrine, all the planets are facing Sun. Jupiter is directly facing Sun. All planets offer only positive aspects, none retrograde. Mother graces the devotees with Her hand on Her hip as if holding pregnancy.

History of Sri Mullaivana Nathar Temple, Thirukarukavur

The place was once dense with Mullai plants. One Niruthuvar and his Vedigai were praying to Lord Mullaivana Nathar seeking child boon. Vedikai became pregnant. While Niruthuvar was out, Vedikai was in a fainted stage with pain. A sage Oordhvapathar came to the house and sought alms. Vedika could not treat the guest. Not knowing the truth, the angry sage cursed her causing abortion. Vedikai begged mother for protection of the child. Ambica appeared and stored the aborted child in a pot with her blessings and kept it safe with Her till the child was born. Touched by the grace of Mother Ambica, Vedika begged Mother to stay here as Garba Rakshambika and bless pregnant women to safe delivery of the children and the mothers.

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