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History and Significance of Sri Malayala Mahalakshmi Temple, Pallipuram 

The antiquity of the temple dates back to one thousand years. The presiding deity is praised as Kadavil Mahalakshmi, holding paddy stalk and a parrot in lower hands and discus and conch in the upper hands promising all prosperity to devotees, facing east looking at Lord Suryanarayana. This is the only temple dedicated to Mahalakshmi in Kerala state. By sunrise, devotees use to wash their face, hands and legs in the tank where Mahalakshmi landed and pray to Her along with Lord Suryanarayana for a happy wedding in life.

History of Sri Malayala Mahalakshmi Temple, Pallipuram

Hundreds of years ago, people engaged in weaving in Kancheepuram migrated to Cherthala in Kerala state. They built a temple for Mother Mahalakshmi in Kancheepuram when they lived there. They desired to build one in this place too. According to Puranas, Mahalakshmi was brought here from Kancheepuram on a crocodile. The place near a vast lake where Mother landed is still properly maintained by the devotees. The lake water though salty generally is but very sweet where Mother arrived. It is said that that the crocodile was fed with food and water then. Later a statue was made and placed in the sanctum sanctorum.

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