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History and Significance of Sri Mahabaleswarar Temple, Tirukokarnam  

Ambika in river form: As the Lord is in the form of mount as in Kailash and the Goddess in the form of River, it is believed that She flows here as a river. The mount and the river are adjacent to each other here. Girivalam is very famous in places where Lord Shiva is in hill form. Here, Girivalam is not possible due to the river flowing. This is a salvation sthala – place. This is one of the many places where Lord Shiva is swayambu. Goddess in the river form is worshipped as Tambra Gouri. Those expecting to be married pray here. Salvation to Devil: Devotees perform Pithru pujas for their departed ancestors. It is hoped that even if they were in hell, they would be shifted to heaven. A dip in the river and worship of Lord Shiva would release a person suffering even from Brahmmahathi dosha – a sin equal to committing murder. Every good deed performed here would yield multiple benefits. The Linga is just of a thumb size. Devotees can perform the abishek themselves. Sage Agasthya had worshipped here. Gnanasambandar had praised the Lord in his hymns. For the salvation of the dead, a special performance is conducted here daily known as Salvation to Devil – Pisasu Moksham. Rudra Bhoomi: Dissatisfied with the creations of Brahmma, Rudra created Boodha Ganas to destroy the world. Lord Vishnu appeared before Rudra and advised him to do the destruction only at the Pralaya time and till then he should stay here and gift boons to the devotees. Rudra agreed. So, the place is also known as Rudra Boomi. Tambra Gouri: While Brahmma was in deep contemplation, Parvathi facing the wrath of Rudra, then running as a river, appeared on His hand. Brahmma said that she would soon become the consort of Rudra-Shiva. Parvathi performed penance in the form of river in Tambra Mount. Pleased with her devotion, Rudra married her and the place came to be known Vaivashika Parvatham – Wedding Mount. Goddess became Tambra Gouri. The river is just opposite the temple.

History of Sri Mahabaleswarar Temple, Tirukokarnam

The story of the place is almost identical to the one Vibishana carrying the idol of Sri Ranganatha to Sri Lanka. When we see Lord Ganapathy, the tradition is that we slap (Kuttu) on the two sides of our forehead as a mark of worship. Here in Gokarnam, Ganapathy had to receive this Kuttu that too from Ravana. As a staunch Shiva devotee, Ravana came to know the reputation of the Pranalinga here, began penance to get the Pranalinga and take it to his place. Knowing the plan of Ravana, Devarishi Naradha went to Indira the king of Devas and told him that once the Pranalinga goes to Lanka, the Devas would lose their power and asked to prevent the ensuing danger. Yet, before Indira took steps, Ravana pleased the Lord and got the Pranalinga and proceeded to Lanka. Lord Easwara (Shiva) while gifting the Linga to Ravana also stipulated a condition. The Lord said that he should go to Lanka only by walk and should not place the Linga on the ground till he reached his destination. Indira appealed to Lord Vishnu to protect the Devas from future dangers. Lord Vishnu knows that Ravana would not fail to perform the evening prayers-Sandhyvandana. He called Ganapathy, advised him to go round Ravana in the form of a Brahmmachari. When the prayer time came, as expected, Ravana saw Ganapathy and requested him to hold the Linga till he returned from the prayer and also requested him not to place it on the ground. Lord Ganapathy accepted his request on condition that when he felt the weight of the Linga and could not bear it, He would call Ravana thrice and if he did not turn up, He would leave the Linga on the ground. Lord Vishnu then placed His hand between earth and sky and created the evening. Ravana thought it was time for Sandhyavandana and sought the help of Ganapathy. The Devas applied all the weight of the world on the Prana Linga which Ganapathy could not bear. He cried thrice but Ravana could not reach him and the Linga was placed on the ground. The L

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