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History and Significance of Sri Kundaleswarar Temple, Tirukurakka 

Shiva Ajaneya: Sri Anjaneya shrine is opposite to that of Lord Shiva. Many may know that Lord Shiva Himself came as Anjaneya to help Lord Vishnu in the Ramavatara period. Anjaneya is but Lord Shiva Himself. It is said that Anjaneya graces in the temple as Shiva worships Him. He is known as Shiva Anjaneya and Shiva Bhakta Anjaneya. He enjoys more importance in the temple. A Homa is performed in the shrine on every New Moon day. It is also a wonder that two monkeys visit the temple in Chithirai month even in this Kali age and worship Lord Shiva with Vilwa leaves. Mother Kundalanayaki graces from a separate shrine. The temple is praised by Tirunavukkarasar in Thevaram hymns. Lord Dakshinamurthy is siding slightly on the right side.

History of Sri Kundaleswarar Temple, Tirukurakka

Lord Sri Rama wanted to perform Puja to Lord Shiva in Sethukarai – Rameswaram and asked Anjaneya to get him a Shivalinga. Anjaneya went on the mission. Meantime, Mother Sita made a Linga of the sand, which Sri Rama worshipped. On his return with the Linga Anjaneya was disappointed that his Lord had completed the puja already and became angry. He wanted to break the Linga he brought with his tail but could not. Then he worshipped Lord Shiva seeking his pardon for his hasty attempt. Besides flowers, he also offered his ear rings – kundalam and secured the pardon of the Lord. As the Lord was worshipped with Kundalams, He is also praised as Kundalakeswarar.

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