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History and Significance of Sri Kumaraswami Temple, Kumaracoil 

This is a famous Lord Muruga temple situated at the Kerala-Tamilnadu border. Gruel offered in the temple is considered as an effective cure for many diseases. It is also believed that this was the place where Valli played with Her friends while taking care of the Thinai – a crop – fields and the region ruled by Nambirajan, the adopted father of Valli. People also believe the place was the one where Lord Muruga stood as the Vengai tree for Valli. This is a very ancient temple. Presiding Lord is on the southeast side with Mother Valli. The idol is 10 feet tall. The ears of the presiding Lord being long, it is believed that the structure belongs to Buddhist period. The stone too is of a very hard type.

History of Sri Kumaraswami Temple, Kumaracoil

Many wish that this temple should be the seventh Padai Veedu (army camp) of Lord Muruga along with six in Tamilnadu. This was earlier in Kerala. Many believe that Nambirajan the adopted father of Valli was the ruler of the place. Valli-Muruga wedding also took place here. This is a famous temple in the Tamilnadu-Kerala border.

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