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History and Significance of Sri Kongalamman Temple, Erode 

Three epigraphic evidences had been found in the temple belonging to 13th and 19th centuries, the first related to the period of the Pandyas and Veerpandian II. There is a big ancient Arasamaram tree. When the ground of the temple was dug ten years ago for constructing a water tank, a beautiful 2.5 feet Goddess idol was found. People are worshipping this idol.Kongalamman temple is one of the important ones in the Kongu region and this is known as common community temple. Many meetings had been organized in the temple. Many social documents had been written in the temple premises. Many who could not get justice had come to the temple fighting for justice. Many, both and women bear the name of Kongalamman.The main tower-Rajagopuram- looks majestically. Within the temple are the flag post, Balipeeta, Simhavahana (Lion Vehicle), Thoorikkal on the pillar.

History of Sri Kongalamman Temple, Erode

Kongalamman is considered as the principal temple of Erode and is the Community Goddess of Erode people. The Goddess is endearingly worshipped as Kongalayee. According to some historical facts, the temple is believed to have been built thousand years ago. Some people wanted to steal the Goddess for installing in their place. While on their way, at Anangur, the axle of the cart was broken and the people fled away. People of Angur, enticed by the beauty of the idol, installed her at their place and began worshipping. She was named Aadi Kongalamman. The Goddess has 12 hands holding trident, udukkai, snake, Vedas, bell, skull etc. After seeing this idol, people of Erode made one such, installed and began worshipping. While water is carried from Cauvery for abishek in other temple, the first abishek is offered to Kongalamman and this tradition continues even today. Then only, Cauvery water is taken to other temples.

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