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History and Significance of Sri Kalyana Vigirtheeswarar Temple, Venjamankoodalur 

Saint Sundarar came to this place on a pilgrimage. By that time, he had spent all the money (gold in those days) and asked Lord Shiva to give him gold. Lord said that He had nothing with Him to help Sundarar. Saint Sundarar said that the Lord cannot be without money and pressed his demand. Lord said that he would have to pledge something to give money to Sundarar. The saint simply said that he did not care about His problem and stuck to the demand. Lord Shiva made Mother Parvathi an old lady. When She came, Lord gave Vinayaka and Muruga to her and asked cash and fulfilled Sundarar’s need. The story emphasizes that how Lord was kind to His friend devotee (Thambiran Thozhar in Tamil) and set a model for good friendship. Praying in this temple will perpetuate relationships among the friends, it is believed. Devotees will be blessed with good friends.Lord Muruga graces from a separate shrine with six faces and with His consorts Valli and Deivanai. He is praised by Saint Arunagiriar in his Tirupugazh hymns. It is believed that worshipping Lord Muruga here will result in the re-union of couples separated earlier for some reason or other. Vigirtheeswarar means Lord who grants us all that is good. Devotees get their sins washed off by worshipping Lord Shiva here. Mother Panner Mozhi Ammai – Mother with a sweet musical voice – graces from a separate shrine. There are also shrines for Nalvar and 63 Nayanmars and Panchalingas. The exit in the temple is so arranged with steps indicating that the devotee will be stepping up in life after his/her prayer here. As the two rivers – Kudaganaaru and Manimutharu meet here, the place is named Koodal Oor – confluence.

History of Sri Kalyana Vigirtheeswarar Temple, Venjamankoodalur

Indira, king of Devas developed a desire on Akalika, wife of Maharshi Gautama. He entered into his hermitage in the guise of a cock and cried. Cock cry indicates the dawn. Innocent Maharshi left the hermitage for the river to have his morning bath. Indira entered into the hermitage as rishi. Akalya thought the entrant was her own husband. Meantime, the sage, finding that there was more time for the dawn and returned home sensing some mischief. Seeing the Rishi, Indira, tried to escape in the guise of cat. but was cursed to have eyes in his whole body. Indira began to go round the Shiva Temples seeking relief from the curse. Lord Shiva said that his curse would disappear at an appropriate time. Indira begged the Lord that He should grace His darshan to all from this place. Lord Shiva appeared here as Swayambu Linga.

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