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History and Significance of Sri Kalayana Sundara Veerabadrar Temple, Manellur 

Those seeking child boon submit a strange prayer in the temple. They keep 9 pieces of turmeric pieces, go round the temple 9 times and place one piece of turmeric on the Bali peeta at the end of each round. They finally collect the pieces and place it at the feet of Mother Badrakalai. Destroying the Daksha Yaga, Parvathi grew furious and became Badrakali. She also created 9 more Kalis and helped Veerabadra destroy the Yajna. The nine piece of turmeric represent nine Kalis. Women then have a short sleep before the Lord’s shrine. This pretending sleep is considered as deep meditation on the Lord. Devotees believe that Lord would grace them with a child. Hence, this temple is known as Sleeping Temple.Devotee couples perform Veerabadra Homa in the temple for peace in family, solution to confusions, overcome shyness and child boon. After the Homa, the two wooden Tiruvasis (a frame around the idol) are given to the couples. They put betel leaf on them, carry it around the prakara and place it behind the procession deity. They prepare vada with pepper and other pulses. They finally perform the wedding ceremony for Lord and Mother. The cost of this Homa is around Rs. 8,000.

History of Sri Kalayana Sundara Veerabadrar Temple, Manellur

Of the five Dancing Sabhas of Lord Nataraja, Tiruvalangadu is the Rathna Sabha. In the dancing contest between Lord and Mother, Lord won the competition. Ambica felt shy and came to this place. Lord sent Veerabadra to Ambica for a compromise and get back Ambica to Him. Remembering this event, the temple was built for Lord’s deputy Veerabadra and Mother Ambica named Badrakali.

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