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History and Significance of Sri Kacchaaleeswarar Temple, Parrys Corner 

On both sides of Ambal Azhakambigai’s sanctum are the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Worshipping all the three shakthis at the same time, a person will be bestowed with good education, wealth and high potential. When the sanctum of Lord Ayyappan at Sabarimala was caught in fire, a new idol was taken from Tamilnadu. That idol was brought to this temple for pooja. After, the pooja was performed, the men concerned tried to take the idol out. But, there were many obstacles due to various reasons and the idol had to stay for three days. On all these three days, poojas were performed to Lord Ayyappan. In memory of this special incident, a separate sanctum has been built for Lord Ayyappan. Here also the celebration of ‘jyothi darshan’ is performed, when the ‘jyothi darshan’ happens at Sabarimala. In front of Kacchabeswarar is the five faced ‘Herambha Vinayagar’ on the Simha carrier. Near him are Siddhi and Buddhi in the standing posture. To worship this Vinayagar brings in greater unity between the couple is the traditional belief. Here are the mandapam for the 63 Nayanmar and separate sanctum for Dattatreyar, Durga, Aadi Sankarar and Moolakeswarar.

History of Sri Kacchaaleeswarar Temple, Parrys Corner

A devotee after worshipping Kacchaaleeswarar at Kanchipuram was returning to his place. Because of the pouring rain on the way, the river Paalaaru was in floods. He could not return home. He was quite anxious to be back home as he had many pending works to do. But, the heavy rains continued for a week and then only stopped. It took another one more week for the flood to get subsided. The devotee placed all his worries on Lord Siva and when the floods settled, crossed the river and reached his place. But what a surprise! All the pending works were done and completed. The Lord on behalf of his devotee assumed the devotee’s form and had finished doing all jobs. The devotee performed the ‘Sivalinga’ pooja and in course of time, a temple was also erected. Pancha Vaahana Sivan (Siva on five seats): When devas and asuras churned the Milk Ocean, the Manthira mountain that was used as the churning stick got drowned in the ocean. At that time, Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise and supported the churning stick, Manthira mountain. Lord Siva worshipped by him then is called ‘Kaacchabeswarar’ or ‘Kacchaleeswarar’. ‘Kacchabam’ means tortoise. The lingam here is on the five seats, koormam (tortoise), naagam (snake), simham (lion), yugas (the aeons) and padmam (lotus). Such an appearance of Lord Siva is a rare sight. Those who have ‘sarpa dhosham’ (snake curse) and those who are afraid of poisonous creatures can perform abhishekam to this Lord and worship. Behind this lingam on the sanctum wall is Sadasivamurthy. The belief is to worship this form of Lord Siva and the formless Linga together in the same sanctum will alleviate all sins and render mukti.

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