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History and Significance of Sri Jadamaguda Theertha Easwarar Temple, Rameswaram 

Sri Ramanathaswami and the Dhyanalinga Murthys grace the devotees with knowledge and wisdom. The holy spring cleanses the devotee from evil thoughts as lust, enmity and temptations (Kama, Krodha and Moha). A single dip in the spring offers the devotee the huge benefit of bathing in the Kumbakonam Mahamaha tank in 12 Mahamaha festivals. His/her sins are washed off. They become enlightened souls and get illustrious children. The devotee, as a prayer commitment, is advised to organize a feeding called Van Bhojan, (Annadhanam) meditate silently. The Dhynalinga Murthys hear them and address their grievances. The devotee can return with a clear mind free of confusions.

History of Sri Jadamaguda Theertha Easwarar Temple, Rameswaram

Sage, parrot faced Sukha, son of Sage Veda Vyasa performed many Yagnas but could not attain great powers. As advised by Rajarishi Janaka, he came to this place, bathed in the Jadamaguda Theertham and worshipped the Dhyanalingas, Gnaneswarar and Agnaneswarar and became a great rishi. Maharshi Brugu known for his loving and graceful traits and Maharshi Durvasa known for his temperament had visited this place at different times and reaped great benefits. The Jadamaguda theertha’s power and grace go beyond words.

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