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History and Significance of Sri Ellaipidari Amman Temple, Kumarasamipatti 

Reputation: Goddess Ellaiipidari Amman is the refuge to destitute women, widows, women without any support, girls growing older expecting a marriage. Goddess looks very graceful assuring a lasting remedy to the hardship of Her devotees. The Goddess is also the Guardian Deity of the place Kumaraswamipatti, her eyes showering all blessings. The one significance of Goddess Ellaipidari Amman is Her eyes pouring all benefit to Her devotees. Women throng the temple with a staunch faith that the Mother would come to their rescue addressing their grievance without any delay. Of the Five Day festival, the Fire Walking Festival is very important. Over 5000 women walk on the fire this day, the largest number ever seen in other temples on such a festival. The other significance is the Goddess facing the West.

History of Sri Ellaipidari Amman Temple, Kumarasamipatti

History: What now is a multi-storey building housing the Government Arts College was a lake in Kumaraswamipatti., 65 years ago. The surrounding areas were infested by snakes, wolves and it was a horrible jungle. This is the boundary of the place. Once when devotees were returning from Ayodhyapattinam Ramar temple, a serpent chased them. Arthnari, one among them fell down as a stone hit him. The stone was nothing but part of an idol under the earth. When they turned back, the serpent was not there. When they pulled the idol out, it was Shiva-Shakti. The devotees installed the idol there and began worshipping. As people found Her all graceful granting their boons, there arose a temple. The deity was named Ellaipidari Amman. The fame of the temple began spreading.

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