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History and Significance of Sri Dwarakanath Temple, Dwaraka 

According to Srimad Bhagwat Gita, Skanda Mahapurana, Vishnu Purana and Harivansh, Dwaraka was built of gold. Archealogists had excavated some parts of Dwaraka from the ocean. This is one of the ancient cities of India. The presiding deity, Dwarakeesh is one meter tall sculpted in stone. The temple is situated on the bank of river Gomathi. Bate Dwaraka: Also called Mool Dwaraka – original Dwaraka, this place is 32 km far from the present Dwaraka which the devotee can reach by boat. This is an Islet. People call this Ramandweep island. It is believed that Lord Krishna stayed here. There were separate rooms for Bhama, Rukmini and Radha. Shrines nearby: Gobitulab is a place where bathing facility is available. It is said that Lord Krishna offered salvation to Gopikas through this water route. The sand, Gobichandan is offered here as Prasad which devotees wear on forehead and body. Rukmini temple is 12 km from this place. There are shrines here for Lord Krishna’s mother Devaki and brother Balaraman. There is a temple for Ambaji, the Guardian deity and Mother Tulsi at the entrance of the temple. This is the only place where a shrine is seen for Madha Tulsi. After the great Mahabharata war, Kundhi, mother of the Pandavas came to the Lord and asked Him how she will have his darshan later. Lord Kanna told her that He would ever be with her. She then asked the Lord to give her some hardship so that she could call him for a help. Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi: Porbandar, where Mahatmaji was born is situated in between Dwaraka and Bate Dwaraka. This was once called Sudhamapuri, where Kuchela was born. There is a temple for him here. The episode of Kuchela offering the flakes (Aval in Tamil) to the Lord is beautifully painted in the temple. A Deepa Aradhana with 16 Arathis is followed each day in the temple and this is the main offering to the Lord. Worshipping the Lord in this temple is said to be equal to have his Trivikrama form darshan (an incarnation when he measured the three worlds in three steps of His feet).

History of Sri Dwarakanath Temple, Dwaraka

Jarsandha is the brother of Kamsa’s wife. Kamsa was the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. He was killed by the Lord rendering widowhood to Jarasandha’s sister. When Jarasandha attempted to kill the Lord in retaliation, his army was totally destroyed by the Lord. Jarasandha was spared by Krishna keeping in mind the future Kurukshetra war. One Kalayavanan also had a plan to attack Krishna. With a view to protect the Yadhava civilians, Lord Krishna shifted his headquarters to Dwaraka where a great city was built by divine sculptor Viswakarma and the lord of the ocean gave a vast land for the purpose. Dwaraka was originally called Golden City as it was built of gold. When Lord Krishna was to leave the earth after completing his Avatar mission, a hunter shot an arrow which hit the feet of the Lord. Dwaraka was drowned. The present Dwaraka came into being later on the Kutch bay in the Arabian sea.

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