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History and Significance of Sri Devadhirajan Temple, Therezhundur 

Therezhundur is one the 108 holy shrines of Vishnu temples in Tamilnadu. Only in this shrine Thirumangai Azhwar praises both the Lord and the M other together in his Mangalasasanam hymns. The Shiva temple is on the western side with the hall where they played the dice. Therezhundur is also the birth place of Poet Kamban celebrated as Kavi Chakravarthi, the author of Ramayana in Tamil. Therezhundur: King Uparisiravasu was travelling in the sky on his chariot. He had a boon that anything on which the shade of his chariot falls, would be burnt. On one such occasion, the divine cows suffered the burns as the shade of the chariot fell on them. Lord Vishnu, noticing this, wanted to teach a lesson to the king. He placed His feet on the shade of his chariot. His chariot was brought to earth and was caught in the sand. His pride also came to an end. As the chariot (Ther) was caught under the earth, the place came to be known as Therezhundur. Garuda Tower: Once, the king of Devas, Devendran gave Garuda a tower and a diamond crown and asked him to give it to one of the 108 Vishnu shrines, he deemed worthy. Garuda gave the crown to the Thirunarayanapuram shrine and the tower to the Therezhundur temple. Hence the vimanam (tower) is known as Garuda Vimanam. Here Garuda is by the side of the Lord while traditionally Garuda occupies a place in front of Lord Vishnu in the temples. Sanctum Sanctorum: The presiding deity Devadhirajan is made of Salagramam variety of stone scaling 13 feet. The Lord has Parvathi in the form of a cow, Rishi Markandeya and Prahladha.

History of Sri Devadhirajan Temple, Therezhundur

Lord Perumal and Lord Shiva were playing dais one day. Mother Parvathi was the judge. While rolling the dais confusion arose. Mother Parvathi favoured Perumal. Angry Shiva cursed Her to become a cow. Mothers Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi also joined Her as cows. Perumal became the shepherd. Aa in Tamil means cow. Hence Lord is also praised as Aamaruviappan ruling this region.

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