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History and Significance of Sri Chokkanathar Temple, Tirumangalam  

Those facing undue delays in marriage and under adverse planetary aspects on the issue, pray to Mother Meenakshi and Lord Chokkanathar performing abishek and offering vastras to realize the wish. They place the Mangal Sutra (Thali in Tamil) at the feet of Lord and Mother seeking their blessings for a happy married life. Sri Yoga Saneeswarar is gracing from a separate shrine. Those under the planet’s adverse aspect pray here for relief.Two trees – Vilwa and Vembu – are together in the temple representing the Arthanareeswara form with Lord Vilwa Vinayaka. As the trees are considered reverently as Lord and Mother, Vinayaka under the tree is revered as if sitting on their lap. It is believed that Lord Vinayaka would fulfill the wishes of the devotees. People worship Him with grass garlands and offer rice pudding – Kozhukattai in Tamil, to achieve excellence in education and for happy wedding, child boon, family prosperity and health.

History of Sri Chokkanathar Temple, Tirumangalam

Lord Shiva came down to Madurai to wed Mother Meenakshi. The Devas from the celestial world also came to attend the function and gathered at a place near Madurai. They melted gold and made the Tirumangalyam for the wedding. Before doing so they wanted to perform Shiva Puja. Pleased with them, Lord Shiva granted Darshan with Mother Parvathi even before the wedding. Based on this event, Lord is called Sundareswarar and Mother as Meenakshi in this temple also. As desired by the Devas, Lord accepted to stay in this temple also. As the Tirumangalyam was made here, the place was named Tirumangalyapuram which in later days changed as Tirumangalam. In the years that followed, kings built the temple.

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