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History and Significance of Sri Chellandiamman Temple, Urayur 

Only the part below the hip of Ambica is in the sanctum sanctorum. It is not in full shape. As requested by the three Tamil kings, Ambica stayed in this place and granted Her Pada darshan – the Feet – to the Chola king, hence the feet of Ambica assumes significance. The idol is made on this story. Her trident is by the side killing a demon. This darshan is shown only during abishek time. During other hours, dressings (Alankaras) are made as if to a full shaped deity. A full size Ambica is installed behind facing east. It is said that She is facing the Tanjore region of Chola kingdom. There is a peeta with the feet of the deity in the front Mandap which is worshipped as Ambica. Pujas are offered to the peeta too. A 7 day Kali Otta festival is celebrated in the month of Chithirai (April-May). As there is no procession idol made of Panchaloka (a blend of five metals) in the temple, a temporary idol made of palm leaves is used for the occasion. The deity is taken to a place near the temple where pujas are performed with nivedhanas. In early days, there was a custom of running with the palm leaf idol during procession, hence it was called Kali Otta (running) festival. Now the practice is discontinued.

History of Sri Chellandiamman Temple, Urayur

There was a border dispute among the three Tamil Kings – Cheara, Chola and Pandyas before the final establishment of their respective territorial rights. They wanted to settle the dispute with a person common to all. Ambica appeared before them. They prayed to Ambica to help them in the case. Ambica partitioned the land into three drawing the boundaries for each. They were named after their dynasties. The kings prayed to Ambica to stay in their region. Chola king begged Ambica to bless his land with all prosperity for ever. Ambica said Mother Cauvery would take care of his wish and stayed in this place in the name of Chellandi Amman.

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