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History and Significance of Sri Chaturpuja Kodandaramar Temple, Ponpatharkoodam 

Sri Rama graces from the sanctum sanctorum with his consort Sita to his left and brother Lakshmana. Since the Lord appears in the form of Mahavishnu, Sri Mahalakshmi is on His chest. Sri Anjaneya appears nearby worshipping Rama and Sita. On the Makara Sankranti (Thai Pongal) day, Sri Rama goes for the Pari vettai as he is a descendent of Surya, Sun God. Procession deity: The procession deity is so beautifully made that the finger lines (rekhas) and nails are visible very clearly. His left leg is seen forward representing the bow-bending episode in Mithila when the Lord held the bow pressing it with his left leg. This form of Rama in temple is very rare. One Darmadhishta had to suffer from skin disease due to a curse. He worshipped Rama in this shrine and got cured. Therefore, those suffering from such problems offer Tulsi garland and sugar candy to the Lord seeking a remedy.

History of Sri Chaturpuja Kodandaramar Temple, Ponpatharkoodam

Sri Rama graced his darshan to Mother Kausalya, Sri Anjaneya, Thrijada who was a loving companion to Sita during her captivity in Lanka and to Mandodhari, wife of Ravana as Lord Mahavishnu with four hands holding the conch and discus. Sage Devaraja wished to have a similar darshan and prayed to him. Lord obliged the Maharishi in this place. A temple was raised later. Lord was named Chaturpuja Kodandaramar (Rama with four hands).

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