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History and Significance of Sri Bhoominathar Temple, Sevalur 

This is one of the temples noted for Vasthu pujas.

History of Sri Bhoominathar Temple, Sevalur

Mother Earth has undergone a cycle of four Yugas covering billions of years. She took up intense penance in Krutha Yuga, the first of the 4 Yugas seeking sufficient strength to bear the burden of growing population in the coming Yugas. Lord Shiva appeared before Mother Earth and granted Her the boon and said that the penance was adequate to bear the population burden in Kaliyuga. She will be able to bear the burden only through the prayers Her devotees do for Her. Mother Earth began searching for such devotees in many sacred places and prayed Swayambumurthis She met on the way. Sevalur Lord Bhoominathar is one of the Murthys she prayed.

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