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History and Significance of Sri Bhoodha Narayana Swami Temple, Surulimalai 

According to history, Chola woman Kannagi left the Pandya capital Madurai after furiously burning it travelled through Surulimalai then known as Neduvel Kundram and reached Gudalur Vannathiparai. The hill has mention in the celebrated Tamil epic Cilapathikaram. The hill has many water resources with rich medicinal properties coupled with religious importance. Siddhas, Sages and Devas in the celestial world chose this place for performing penance. As a pinnacle of its reputation, Lord Bhoodha Narayana is present here in His standing posture.

History of Sri Bhoodha Narayana Swami Temple, Surulimalai

Ravana performed severe penance on Lord Shiva and acquired the power of keeping all the 14 worlds, their subjects, planets and the 12 zodiac routes, 27 stars under his single command. He harassed every being. All of them reached Lord Vishnu through a mysterious path and submitted their prayers for relief from the cruelties of Ravana. Ravana found all had left. He sent Saturn to find them who only returned with an empty message. He ordered Sage Narada to find the Devas. Narada on his way met a sage performing penance among anthills and enquired him if he knew where Devas were then. The sage told Narada the place where they were discussing with Lord Vishnu. Knowing their whereabouts, Ravana set out with his huge army to capture the Devas and others. Lord Vishnu in a huge form covering both earth and sky combining the powers of water, earth, space, fire and air (Pancha Bhoodas) blocked the march of Ravana and his men. He was all furious spitting fire. Ravana could not stand the Bhooda Rupa of Lord and simply retreated to protect himself. Devas came to Lord Vishnu, offered Him rice food with their prayers. Lord was softened. That Lord Bhoodha Narayana is protecting us from this holy land

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