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History and Significance of Sri Bhasktavatsala Perumal Temple, Tirunindravur 

Once, Mother Mahalakshmi (Tiru) left Perumal due to some reasons, came and stood (Nindra) here, hence, the place came to be known as Tiru Nindra Oor (place). Her father Samudra Rajan (as Mahalakshmi was born in the milk ocean, the king of oceans-Samudra Rajan is Her father) came to her, cooled Her anger and asked Her to go back to Her Lord Perumal, she refused. The king of oceans went to Perumal and begged Him to come and take back his daughter Mahalakshmi. Lord asked him to go before Him and assured to follow him. Samdra Raja told Mahalaskshmi that he was not her father but She was his “Ennai Pettra Thayar” ‘You who gave me birth’ and requested Her to come back to Vaikunta and rule the world. Perumal too joined the compromise, Sri Mahalakshmi went back with Perumal. As Lord responded to the prayer of Bhakta (devotee) Samudra Rajan, He is called Bhaktavatsalan. As Samudra Rajan said “Ennai Pettra Thayar” that came to stay as the name of Mother of the temple. Also as prayed by Samudra Raja, they are gracing together in the Wedding Form. The main tower of the temple stands majestically built during the Vijayanagara period. Passing the Bali Peeta, flag post Garuda shrine, Maha Mandap and the Inner Mandap, 11 feet tall Lord Perumal accompanied by Sridevi and Bhoodevi graces the devotees with His five weapons. Thayar shrine is right of that of the Lord. There are shrines for Andal, Azhwars, Sri Hanuman, Eri Katha Ramar and Adhi Sesha.

History of Sri Bhasktavatsala Perumal Temple, Tirunindravur

Saint Tirumangai Azhwar was passing through many sacred Vaishnava shrines including Tirunindravur but did not sing on this temple. Noticing that Azhwar bypassed this temple, Mother asked Lord to get a hymn from the Azhwar. By the time Lord reached Azhwar, he was in Mamallapuram. Lord demanded a song Azhwar from this place. Excited by the simplicity and grace of the Lord, Azhwar sang meaning as follows:“My Lord, protecting the whole universe, came to me to make known His love for the Bhaktas at this sacred Mamallapuram. He demanded and took a song from me.” Mother Mahalakshmi was not satisfied with one song. She asked the Lord to go back to Azhwar for the remaining 9 songs as he used to sing 10 for all temples. Azhwar has already left Mamallapuram and had reached Tirukkannamangai. He saw Lord with a side look waiting for him and in the Pathigam (10 songs) on Tirukkannamangai Perumal, Azwar included Tirunindravur Perumal also in the hymns.

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