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History and Significance of Sri Baladandayuthapani Temple, Elk Hills 

Lord Muruga is the deity of the hills and places adjacent to it known as Kurinji region in Tamil literatures. Nilgiris happen to be a natural hill region and His worship in this hilly region is but a natural tradition. A rock behind the sanctum of the Badugar temple is naturally long looking as if Perumal in a reclining form. The temple is at a height of 7,500 feet.

History of Sri Baladandayuthapani Temple, Elk Hills

A couple once went to Palani seeking child boon. After realizing their wish, they could not go to Palani for some reason or other. Lord Muruga appeared in their dream and asked them to raise a temple for Him in this hill. The couple was happy, raised the temple and worshipped Him as their prayer commitment. It later became famous in the region. As the Elk family deers were large in number in the area, the place came to be known as Elk Hills.

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