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History and Significance of Sri Ashtapuja Balamadana Venugopalar Temple, Belur 

The presiding deity Lord Ashtapuja Balamadana Venugopalan has eight hands of which two belong to Lord Vishnu and the two below relates to Krishnavatara while the remaining four belongs to Balarama. The left cheek has the feminine softness. The right cheek is masculine rough. Seven headed Adisesha is above the Lord’s head. The left leg is feminine dressed in Indian Panchakatcha tradition with a sari. The right leg is masculine. There is a cow and calf on the right and a cow and bull on the left.Abishek is performed to Mother Maragathavalli Meenakshi on Ashtami, Navami and Ekadasi days (the 8th, 9th and 11th day from the full moon days respectively). It is said that Sage Vasishta installed this idol. Garuda, the eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu is seen without wings and is regarded as Jatayu the eagle who lost his wings while preventing Ravana from abducting Sita.

History of Sri Ashtapuja Balamadana Venugopalar Temple, Belur

Universal Mother Parasakthi appeared on Earth in many incarnations as Kamakshi, Visalakshi, Ulagammai, Parvathi, Dakshayani having many names. She stayed in the city of Madurai in the name of Meenakshi. A woman devotee considered Meenakshi as per own child and played the role of an affectionate mother, feeding her, bathing her and singing softly and melodiously to put Her to sleep as we could see Periazhwar imagining himself as mother to Lord Krishna. Mother Meenakshi, pleased with the Bhakti of the woman made her born as Kanchanamala and became Her child later. It is on this story that Meenakshi’s temple came into being later. Lord Perumal as Her Brother gave Her hands to Lord Sundareswara in marriage then. Meenakshi was ever a Mother to all beings on Earth. This is the place where She appeared as Mother to all. She graces in the name of Maragathavalli Meenakshi from a separate shrine as an old women in this temple.

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