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History and Significance of Sri Ashtadasapuja Mahalakshmi Durga Temple, Kurichi 

Pujas are being conducted in the Senthil Andavar Mantralaya Kudil in accordance with Vedic Agamas. There is a Rudraksha tree 15 feet from the Presiding deity. Rudraksha tree is found only at the foothill of Himalayas and in Tirupati in India. This rare divine tree is in this temple. Tiruvilakku Puja is being performed in the temple since the year 1997 as worshipping Ashtadasapuja Mahalakshmi Durga brings in the combined benefit of worshipping three Devis, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi individually. devotees are cured of any serious and prolonged disease. There are twin Vinayakas under the Rudraksha tree while generally Vinayaka graces from under the Bodhi-Arasamaram tree. This is a noteworthy feature of the temple. Devotees can perform the pujas themselves directly to Vinayaka.

History of Sri Ashtadasapuja Mahalakshmi Durga Temple, Kurichi

One Danaramalinga Thevar was residing with his family in Kurichi village 10 km from Pattukottai on the Aranthangi road. He was very spiritual and righteous in nature. He offered medical help, astrological advice etc. to the poor. People from Palathali village approached Thevar to perform the consecration of the Durga temple. He took all efforts for the function and the consecration was completed with all devotional spirit. On one Friday, Danaramalinga Thevar heard a voice telling him to imagine an idol of the design he wished and keep it ready. The voice also told Thevar that a Siddha would call on him and the idol can be installed as advised by the Siddha. Danaramalinga Thevar then became Danaramalinga Swami. The Siddha came. On one New Moon Day (Amavasya) the Siddha came and made out the idol as imagined by Thevar with 18 hands (ashtadasaujam), seated on a lion, 12 feet tall with Navapashanas. This was done in a single night. Without identifying himself, the Siddha left with a note that he was going to Kollimalai hills. The idol was named Ashtadasapuja Mhalakshmi Durga.

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