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History and Significance of Sri Arumkarai Amman Temple, Peria Tirumangalam, Periamangalam 

Women are forbidden to enter the temple. Some men came to this place in search of a missing girl. It was a Tuesday night. Hence, pujas are performed at midnight on Tuesdays only. The temple is closed on other days. Only men are admitted into the temple. Women can worship from outside after bathing in Amaravathi river. They have to keep the hair untied and come in wet clothes. After the puja, the nivedhanas as plantain and cereals would be thrown in the front hall, which women catch in their sari Pallu-Thalappu in Tamil. It is believed that the Goddess blesses them in Prasad form.

History of Sri Arumkarai Amman Temple, Peria Tirumangalam, Periamangalam

In days of yore, there were fishermen in the place. Once, a fisherman got a box in his net. He found an idol of Ambal in the box and thought it was Mother’s blessings. He kept the box under a tree. Fishermen were worshipping the deity. Later, they left the place. The box with Amman got buried under the sand then. A girl, Nalla Thai by name was grazing the cattle along with others in this place. She found that one cow was pouring its milk at a spot higher from the ground level. Out of curiosity, she went to the place and sat there and never got up then. Villagers came in search of the girl and asked her to come with them but she refused. She told the villagers that she would like to stay there only. She also asked them to perform pujas to her on the day they found them in the place. She immediately became a ray of light-jyoti and disappeared. The temple was built then.

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