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History and Significance of Sri Arputha Narayanan Temple, Tirukadithanam 

In a single sanctum sanctorum circular in shape, Lord Arputha Narayana is facing east and Lord Narasimha is facing west. Therefore, there are two flag post individually for both Perumals. It is said Lord Narasimha was installed in later days. On the south side of the sanctum Lord Dakshinamurthy and Lord Vinayaka grace facing south. There are no doors for their shrines. Holes are provided on a wooden plank to see the deities and have the darshan. With a view to reduce the ferocity of Lord Narasimha, sweet porridge is offered as nivedhana. During pujas to Narasimha, Srimad Narayaneeyam, authored by great Vishnu-Guruvayurappan devotee Narayana Pattadri is recited in the temple. The Vimana (tower above the sanctum) is called Punniyakodi Vimana. Rukmangathan and Devas had come to this temple to submit their prayers to Perumal facing east.

History of Sri Arputha Narayanan Temple, Tirukadithanam

The region was under the rule of one Rukmangathan. Flowers of many varieties grew in his garden. Devas picked these flowers and offered it to Perumal. He came to know that the flowers are stolen from the garden. He ordered that these thieves should be arrested and brought before him. His men, not knowing that the flower pickers were Devas, caught them and produced before the king. Knowing the truth, the king apologized to them and released them immediately. Yet, as they were arrested by humans, Devas lost the power of returning back to their place. When the king asked them what he could do to help them, they told him that if he parted with the benefits of his Ekadasi fasting of years, they would regain the power to go back. The king happily agreed, took them to the Perumal temple and donated the huge benefits he had accrued through years. All these happened within a fraction of second (kadigai), hence the name of the place Tirukadithanam. It is said that Sahadevan, the last brother of the Pandavas installed Perumal in this place. He was searching for an idol but could not succeed. Out of frustration, he decided to immolate himself. An idol of Lord Narayana appeared instantly before Sahadeva and saved from his self-sacrifice. Hence, the Lord is named Arputha Narayana (Arputha-miracle). The temple is popularly known as Sahadevan Temple.

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