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History and Significance of Sri Aranyeswarar Temple, Tirukattupalli 

Lord Dakshinamurthy is seated on a square shaped peeta facing west with 6 disciples though in temples He appears with four disciples, Sanakar, Sanathanar, Sananthanar and Sanathkumarar. He is also praised as Rajayoga Dakshinamurthy. As Lord Shiva was in the midst of a jungle –Aaranyam – He is also called Aranyeswarar and Kattazhagar in Tamil – Lord of the Jungle. Mother in a separate shrine is facing south. As all prominence is for Lord alone, there is no shrine for the Navagrahas the nine planets. Those who had been demoted from positions and those deprived of promotions despite honest and hard work perform special pujas to Lords Dakshinamurthy and Aaranyeswarar offering vastras. They believe that they will recover their losses. Lord Vinayaka, praised as Nandu Vinayaka was worshipped by a cancer-Nandu in Tamil to regain his original Gandharva personality. The Nandu is his peeta. He does not have His Mouse vehicle with him as the Nandu plays the role. Lord Aranyeswarar also has His name after a sage of the name who worshipped here. The sculpture showing the sage worshipping Lord Shiva while Mahakalar is blowing the conch, is in the prakara.

History of Sri Aranyeswarar Temple, Tirukattupalli

Devas appealed to Indira to protect them from the atrocities of demon Vruddhasura with the might of the boon he obtained from Lord Brahmma. Indira fought the demon and killed him and incurred the evil effect of the killing. He also lost his kingship of the Devas. As advised by his Guru, Jupiter, he came down to earth to worship Lord Shiva for remedy. He came to this jungle region-Aaranyam, found a Swayambulinga and performed pujas. Pleased with his devotion, Lord appeared before Indira and said that the effects of both good and bad deeds had to be experienced by all. Lord stayed here then as Aaranyeswarar.

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