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History and Significance of Sri Araikasu Amman Temple, Ratnamangalam 

The deity representing the powers of Mother Parvathi has four hands holding Pasam and Angusam (a rope and a stick) and is in a sitting form. The crown is of snake design (Naga kreedam) with crescent moon and She holds trident in one hand. Mostly Ambica is dressed in yellow vastras. The Lion vehicle is in front of the shrine. Special pujas are performed on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, new moon and full moon days. A dollar with the emblem of Araikasu Amman is given as Prasad. There is also a yantra with 108 numbers which devotees touch and know their effects on them. Jaggery is the main nivedhana offered to Amman. It is the belief of the devotees that what they had misplaced due to forgetfulness can be traced or anyone missing in the family will return safe, if they pray to Amman. When they get back the thing lost, they make a Vinayaka in jaggery and make a drink with dry ginger and jaggery offering them as nivedhana. There is a separate temple for Lakshmi Kubera nearby.

History of Sri Araikasu Amman Temple, Ratnamangalam

Kings of Pudukkottai were worshipping Mother Prakadambal as their Ishta Devatha in Tirukokarnam. During Navarathri festival, they gave rice, jaggery and a coin – Araikasu- then in circulation as Prasad. Thus Ambica came to be known as Araikasu Amman. Once, the king prayed to Amman to get back a thing he lost and had his prayer granted. Since then, the deity is worshipped to help getting back the lost ones. There is no temple in Tamilnadu for Araikasu Amman. It is said there is a shrine in some temples for the deity. Having Araikasu Amman as the presiding deity, this temple is built here.

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