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History and Significance of Sri Alandurayar (vadamoolanathar) Temple, Kilapazhuvur 

The word Pazhu or Aalamaram in Tamil means Banyan tree and hence the name Alandurayar for Lord Shiva here.The place is known for large number of banyan trees. Hence, the place is known as Tirupazhuvur.

History of Sri Alandurayar (vadamoolanathar) Temple, Kilapazhuvur

In a playful mood, Mother Parvathi covered the eyes of Lord Shiva with her hands. As the eyes of Lord Shiva are Sun and Moon, the world became dark suddenly. The activities of the world came to a standstill. All the sages and Devas were confused not knowing what to do. Lord Shiva told Parvathi that even playful acts, if caused hardship to others, was but a sin and asked her to leave him for earth and perform penance. The Lord also assured that He would come and join Her in the Yogavanam here. Mother Parvathi completed Her penance, made a Linga in sand and worshipped Him standing by one leg. Lord came here and took His consort. This Yogavana is now named Kilapazhuvur. As Mother Parvathi performed Thavam (penance) here, She is called Arundhavanayaki.

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