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History and Significance of Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple, Palanganatham 

People facing disputes in land matters, fall in farm yields and buildings standing half-built due to some reasons, come to Lord Veerabadra for solutions. As Mars (Sevvai in Tamil) is the authority in land matters, they bring a little sand from their lands, place it before the Lord and take it back as Prasad and spill it on their land or building. Then they offer Kesari nivedhana with garlands of betel, vilwa and lime fruits. Those unable to identify their family deity, consider Lord Veerabadra as their family deity. Vilwa is the sacred tree of the place.

History of Sri Agni Veerabadraswami Temple, Palanganatham

Malayadwaja Pandya was sad that he had no child. His queen wife Kanachanamala was a staunch devotee of Mother Parvathi. Rewarding her devotion, Mother Parvathi was born to her as Meenakshi. She won many kings in battles. When she reached Kailash to complete Her victory, She met Lord Shiva and understood that He would be Her Lord.Lord Shiva came down to Madurai to wed Mother Meenakshi along with huge number of Maharshis, Gods Siddhas and a legion of Devas. He appointed Muniswaran, Jatamuni and others as securities at different directions. Veerabadra headed the group on the southern side.A group of Veerabadra devotees came to Madurai from Karnataka. They installed Veerabadra idol here and built the temple.

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