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History and Significance of Sri Agneeswarar Temple, Tirukattupalli 

Brahmma the Creator, Sun, Bagiratha and Queen of Urayur worshipped Lord in the temple. Following the worship by Agnideva (God of Fire), the temple is named Agneeswaram.The temple was renovated during the rule of Uthama Cholan. The epigraphy has mention of Sundara Pandian and Konerinmaikondan. The name of Goddess is mentioned as Azhagammai. Pujas are conducted four times a day. Water is brought from Cauvery for Panguni Uthiram festival. Devotees having a dip in Karthikai Sundays, Masimagam, Panguni Uthiram and Vaikasi Visagam are blessed with immense benefits. The consecration of the temple (Kumbabishekam) was performed in the year 1983. As the word Palli is attributed to Jains, it is believed that Jains would have stayed here. Also a statue of 24th Theerthangara is taken from this place. Jain Acharyas are called Theerthangaras. The temple was also renovated by Aditya Chola I.

History of Sri Agneeswarar Temple, Tirukattupalli

The story goes that a servant of King of Urayur brought some Sevvandhi flowers meant for Shiva Puja and gave it to the king. The king in turn gave them to his two wives. The elder wife offered it to Lord Shiva while the other wore it on her head. While Tirukattupalli where the first wife lived grew into fame, Urayur where the second wife lived met with destruction.

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