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History and Significance of Sri Aazhi Kandeeswarar Temple, Idaikattoor 

Once, the Navagrahas the nine planets took different positions causing a severe famine. Idaikadar who foresaw this situation earlier, trained his sheep to eat a plant called Erukku which is prevented for consumption by cattle due to its poisonous content. They became immune to the content. He thus managed the drought situation. Knowing the plan of Idaikadar, the planets called on him. Idaikadar extended all hospitality to them. After the lunch, the planets relaxed for some time. Using this time, Idaikadar changed their positions. It began to rain immediately. The famine came to an end giving way to prosperity. Planets were happy to accept their new positions as Idaikadar did it with noble intentions. Based on this event, mentioned in the biography of the Siddha, a new temple exclusively for the planets was built here. Idaikadar Siddha had authored a Venba, a Tamil poetic literary form telling the planetary effects for each of the sixty Tamil Years. He has foretold the effects of Vehudanya year in this book. Special pujas are performed to Idaikardar on Arudra-Tiruvadhirai star day. The temple is on the northern bank of Vaigai River. Lord Shiva in the temple assesses the deep mind (Aazh Manam in Tamil) of the devotees and graces them, hence named Aazhi Kandeeswara. He is also praised as Manikandeeswarar. Mother Soundarya Nayaki graces from a separate shrine. Between the shrines of Lord and Mother is the shrine of Lord Balsubramania (Muruga) in the Somaskanda form. Though this is a Shiva temple, festivals are dedicated to Lord Muruga alone here. It is said that this is followed as the temple is in Somaskanda form.

History of Sri Aazhi Kandeeswarar Temple, Idaikattoor

Idaikadar was born to Nanda and Yasodha in this holy land. His was a life between (Idai in Tamil) married and asceticism. Hence, he came to known as Idaikadar. He installed a Shivalinga here and performed Shiva Puja rigorously. He became a Siddha and merged with the Lord by His grace. This temple is a monument telling Siddha’s life

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