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History and Significance of Sri Aatkondeeswarar Temple, Peddanaicken Palayam 

Lord Shiva made it known to all that Shiva and Shakti is but one inseparable from each other and further established it by giving half of Him to Mother Parvathi and appears as Lord Arthanareeswara. Ensuring the right of womanhood, He appears on the trident the weapon of Shakti. This is a different style of Arthanareeswara form exclusively in the Paddanaicken Palayam Shiva temple. It is believed that worshipping Lord Arthanareeswara in this form will bring unity in the family and those who had left the family would return back and join the fold.The Avudayar – seat or Peeta on which Shivalinga is placed – is of lotus design. Lord graces here with His third eye on the forehead. Lord is praised as Aatkondeeswarar meaning He draws all towards Him with His endless grace and mercy. Mother graces the devotees as Akhilandeswari.Procession deities are generally seen in sitting form. They are in standing posture in this temple. It is explained that they honour the devotees coming to worship them

History of Sri Aatkondeeswarar Temple, Peddanaicken Palayam

Sage Vasishta, during his pilgrimage on the banks of Vasishta River installed Lingas at every place of his Shiva worship. The Linga in this temple is one among them. This got buried in the sands in course of time. Lord Shiva informed his presence in this place to a devotee in his dream. He found the Linga on the bank of Vasishta River, installed it here and built the temple.

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