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Historical significance of Mahalaya Amavasya

The sun enters the sign Virgo (Kanya) when there is a conjunction of the moon and the sun. Regarding the Mahalaya Amavasya there is a lot mention in many ancient Hindu religious texts and inscriptions.

It is strongly believed that on this particular day the ancestors directly leave their abode and immediately come down to the world of mortals. This is done by them in order to occupy the houses of their beloved descendants.

It is to be largely noted that on every new-moon day, all the Hindus wholeheartedly offer oblation of water to all the departed soul in their household. Moreover, every year on the death anniversary of their ancestors, the prescribed rites are also dutifully performed with respect and dedication towards them. This is also known as Sraddha ceremony. In order to have a very special effect it is done during Mahalaya. It is strongly believed by the Hindus that due to a boon from Lord Yama, all the offerings given on this particular day will reach the departed souls.

The historical significance of Mahalaya Amasvasya is cited with Karna who is a renowned Hero in Mahabharata. He is largely regarded as a very generous man. In the battle field after his sudden death all those charity that he has wholeheartedly done while alive was immediately returned to him in a surprising manner of hundred fold in the heaven. It is to be noted that he had just silver and gold with him. In his custody there was no food. It is to be remembered that during his life time, he had been very generous only with silver and gold. He wholeheartedly prayed to the Lord of death Yama. He was sent back to earth just for those fourteen days in order to make up this.

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