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Hinglaj Mata Temple -Shakti Peeth in Baluchistan Pakistan

These photos depict the tough terrain of Baluchistan in Pakistan which is home to one of the Shakti Peethas, Hinglaj Mata. Recently a Telugu film “Sahasam” was made featuring a fantasy story about Hinglaj Mata Temple in Baluchistan in Pakistan.

Goddess Hinglaj Mata is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and is one among the 51 Shaktipeeths. The head of Goddess Sati is worshipped here. The deity takes her name from the mountain cave Hinglaj on the Makran coast in the Lyari District of Balochistan in Pakistan. Dawn Newspaper has created a image gallery of the Hinglaj Mata Temple and famous Mud Volcano.

Legend has it that when Lord Vishnu cut the body of Goddess Sati to stop Shiva’s lament after Sati’s death which was unsettling the universe; part of her head fell at Hinglaj or Hingula.

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