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Highly used conventional Ganesh idols for Ganesh Chathurthi

On the finishing day of the celebration of Lord Ganesh, after worshiping devotees immerse their deity in to the water. Since the idols are all made of plaster they generally augment the acid level and heavy metal content in water. Different governmental and non-governmental authorities have been concentrating on this preset fact. Various solutions that are proposed for this purpose are given below

There is a need for urgent awareness of water contamination should be spread to the public. The people should be encouraged to immerse deity idol in water tanks and not in natural water bodies such as river, lake and more. Permanent idol should be made through materials such as brass or stone and every year as figurative immersion should be thrown in water.

Conventional idols made of pure clay should be used and the image should be immersed at home in a bucket full of water. Immersion of deities made of plaster into water bodies such as river, sea or lake should be banned. Creative usage of Ganesh idols like papier-mâché and other biodegradable materials should be encouraged.

Another unfortunate upshot blissful festival is noise pollution. To stop water contamination various spiritual and temple association have taken up the issue and handling this sensitive religious sentimental issues with great care. Recycling of idols made of plaster should be used by reprinting those and using every year after new renovation. Moreover, a lot of funds are collected and with grand expenditure the festivity, processions and grand event is conducted in the name of Ganesh Chathurthi. It is high time that people should have control on expenditure.

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