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Gunny sacks give Ganpati a smooth ride this Ganesh0tsav

The Brihanmumbai Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samanvay Samiti has 10,300 mandals on its hold and there are 2,340 potholes on roads across the city. These figures are double troubles.  Most of the bumpy ride for Lord Ganesha will give the immersion rally many troubles on its ride to the water bodies that are at a distance.

It is to be noted that on the 10th day of Ganesh festival, the installed Ganesh idols are taken in procession to the seashore or lake or pond for immersion. Most of the Ganesh idols have to take hour long journey to its destination. It is to be noted that potholes on the road makes the idol carried lose balance and create crack in the idols.

Now BMC has requested all pandals and mandals to carry sufficient materials like metal strips, gunny bags or anything else handy to make the Ganesh idols smooth journey toward the last destination. The usage of these materials will really help in ensure balance of the Ganesh idols, cover potholes temporarily and a comparatively smooth ride for the Ganesh idols.

Samiti’s chief Naresh Dahibawkar said, “Devotees are sentimental about the idols’ well being. Even a little damage to an idol while travelling can hurt their feelings. That’s why we have been sending out messages to mandals to use such bags. Mandals whose idols are 18 feet and above in height take great care to ensure that they are welcomed and sent off safely. Of the total mandals, 6,500 are major, and 3,800 are smaller. Among these, 20-22 mandals have idols taller than 18 feet, while 320 have kept the height up to 18 feet. The samiti has been batting for restricting height of idols up to 18 feet, including base.”

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    make ganpati idol with gunny bag

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