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Guheswori Temple, Nepal

The famous Temple of Guheswori lies about a km east of. Guheswori temple is located at the left bank of the Bagamati river.

Guheswori temple belongs to female energy force and it godess temple.

Legend say that Dakshya Prajapati, father of Sati Devi or famous wife of Lord Shiva was not happy with Lord Shiva because of his behavior.

Dakshya Prajapati performed an Aswamedh Yagya.

Dakshya Prajapati invited all god and godess except Lord Shiva and Shati Devi.

Hearing that her father was performing Aswamedh Yagya Shati Devi went to her father house uninvited. Dakshya insulted Lod Shiva in front of Sati Devi.

Sati Devi could not bear the insult of her beloved husband Lord Shiva. With anger she jumped into the scare Aswamedh Yagya fire.

Griiefed the death of Sati Devi Bribhadra and Mahakali were called by Lord Shiva to destroy the Aswamedh Yagya.Eventually Lord Shiva went himself to the site of Aswamedh Yagya then be started wondering place to place carrying Sati Devi death body on his shoulders.

As the time passed the body got decomposed and begin to disintegrate. Several parts of Sati Devi decomposed body felt at various places of Nepal and India and where part of body fell off become a hallowed place or Pith.

It is said that virgina of Sati Devi fell at this very sport of Guheswori and became Pith or Holly place.

Benift of Doing Puja at Guheswori
1 It is said that if you marry inside the Guheshowri temple you will get your soul mate another 6 birth. Just Lordess parbati got lord Shiva on her next birth. By marriage in Guheshowri temple you will be soul mate for ever.

2 By doing puja at Guheswori Temple you can improve health of your husband ,his long life, happiness. And Prosperity.

3 By doing puja at Guheswori Temple you can get victory over your enemies. If you are facing any type of legal problems you should do puja at Guheswori Temple so that you win.

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