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GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol: Mumbai’s gold Ganesha

A Ganesh idol which is affectionately called as Mumbai’s gold Ganesh is the GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol. It is quite hard to believe but it is true that this Ganesh idol is made with more than 60 kilograms of pure gold.

The GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol is stated to be the costliest and richest in Mumbai metropolitan city. This Ganesh Mandal was founded in 1954 by the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community from Karnataka. This particular Kannadiga community settled in this city centuries ago and prospered with their hard work and dedication.

The GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol is installed by this community as a mark of great respect to the city which gave them livelihood. During the 10 days Ganesh festival, they conduct various social programs in a very grand manner. The idol is made out of pure clay so it is marked as an eco-friendly Ganesh idol.

The significance of this Ganesh idol Mandal is that they don’t play the usual recorded music there. This makes the areas noise pollution free area. South Indian temple’s traditional Indian musical instruments are played in this Mandal.

In order to get better view of the GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol for the public, elevated walkway is set up to help the large number of devotees who come to have darshan of this Ganesha idol.

The exact location of the GSB Seva Kings Circle Ganesh idol is G.S.B. Sports Club Ground, Near S.N.D.T. Women’s College, R.A. Kidwai Road, King’s Circle, Matunga (Central Mumbai). The nearest railway station is Matunga on the Central Line and Kings Circle on the Harbour Line.

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