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Goddess Kaumari

Goddess Kaumari is one of the sapta matrikas (the seven divine goddesses) who is regarded as the power of Lord Kumara (also known as Muruga or skanda). She is also known as Kumari, Kartikeyani or Ambika.

She gets her name from Kumara who is Lord Skanda or Muruga and is seen with the same weapons and vehicles as Lord Subramanya. She is usually depicted as having four hands and she carries a small spear like weapon called the Vel and a flag in her two hands. Her other two hands are in the poses of abhaya and varada mudra. She is seen riding on a peacock just like Lord Skanda and she is seen residing under a fig tree. Her colour is depicted as red.

Some ancient texts also describe her as having six faces and twelve arms . The puranas vary slightly when it comes to describing the outlook of the Goddess kaumari as well as the other saptamatrikas. However it indicates that the sapta matrikas represent the negative quality which one needs to get rid off in order to attain spiritual salvation and in that aspect , Goddess kaumari represents the one who destroys bad temper in the devotee.

Gayatri Mantra for Goddess Kaumari:

Aum sikid vajaaya vidmahe
vajra hasthaya dhimahe
tanno kaumari prachodayat

It is believed that chanting this mantra is a good solution to protect oneself from natural disasters, chicken pox and other heat related diseases. The best time to chant this mantra is on tuesdays and fridays apart from pournami.

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