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Garba Raas (Garbha Dance)

Garba Raas is the traditional form of Indian dance originated in the regions of Gujarat. It is performed mainly during the Durga Navratri festival and is a very popular and grand affair in many parts of the world.

Garba is derived from the Sanskrit word Garbha which means womb. Traditionally Garba dance is performed in the honour of the Goddess Durga before the aarti. An earthen pot with holes is taken to symbolically represent the womb and a small candle is lit inside the pot indicating the life inside the womb. Sometimes the lamp is replaced by the image of the Goddess Durga as the central object. Here, the pot symbolises the universe and the light symbolises the Goddess.

When people perform the dance around the pot, it is to commemorate the fact that the Goddess is the maker of this universe and the dancers moving round the pot signifies the cycle of life.

It is a colourful sight to watch the Garba Dance in which both men and women traditional colourful costumes and move around in perfect rhythm. Traditionally they used to have only drums to give company to the dancers, but nowadays they play songs along with this. People perform the dance with a lot of grace which includes the synchronised clapping of hands to the beats of the music. It starts off with the slow rhythms and gradually pick up pace to the fast beats.

Garba Dance has become very popular among the youth of today and it is performed even during other festivals and marriages in the family. During Navaratri, there will be huge pandals where the public gather in thousands to perform the dance.

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  1. Pragnya says:

    For Evary Anniversary day of Omshanti Ashram we will paly Garba dance…It is group dance and v njyed a lotwith this dance……:)

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