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Festivals of the Jagannatha Temple, Puri, Orissa

It is said that there are twelve ‘Yatras’ (festivals) of Shri Jagannath as mentioned below, but actually there are more festive rituals performed throughout the year.

1. Devasnana Purnima
2. Ratha Yatra
3. Snana Yatra
4. Dakhinayana
5. Parshwa Parivarthan
6. Deva Uthapana
7. Prabarana Sasthi
8. Pushyavisheka
9. Makar Sankranti
10.Dola Yatra
11.Damanaka Chaturdashi
12.Akshaya Trutiya

Some important festivals of Lord Jagannath are described below in brief :

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  1. Anushka Singh says:

    deva uthapana puri

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